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Thursday, June 5th, 2008
4:42 pm
Japanese Diet Tea
From J-List: "Using oolong tea (black tea) as a base, this mixture contains puer-arTea, prized for its health and diet properties, kaki leaves, chameleonplant, and other types of leaves for a balance that's good for the mind and body."

A nice reddish tea, looking much like any other in looks, with a mellow, non-bitter tea flavor combining the medium tone of oolong with the earthiness of puh-er. The first sip or so tastes roasty like the popcorn and rice in genmaicha, and toward the end, as you get used to the flavor, you can taste something of roasted barley, in a much lesser degree then drinking straight barley tea. I've let it sit all day, and even cold and well-brewed, it's very drinkable and not at all bitter.

Much more tea-like then many diet teas I've had, probably from the actual tea that's in it, and nothing of the weird herbal flavor alot of these teas can have. There's caffeine, of course, but still not as much as coffee or diet pills, just the usual amount for tea.
12:03 pm
Arrowleaf Honey
Honey from the arrowleaf plant is almost white, mild, and solid at room temperature. It scoops like crisco or margerine, without the greasiness (it's every bit as sticky as honey everywhere is!), and doesn't drip off the spoon, making it easier to measure and cook with (i use it as part of the cup of honey that goes into my sugar plums recipe, because being solid at room temp helps to hold the plums together without needing refigeration). The taste is very mild, round and soft, as opposed to honey's usual bold and definite flavor; it tastes like marshmallow as well as honey, and in something more specifically flavored like tea, it doesn't cover up the tea at all, but compliments it while sweetening it, and giving just the mildest hint of honey flavor.

A nice, friendly sort of honey for when bold honey flavor isn't needed and plain sugar is too boring.
Wednesday, June 4th, 2008
9:34 pm
Japanese Mugi Cha
from: J-List (not currently on the list, though...)
A traditional summer drink, it's warm and roasty like coffee and about the color of a nice golden sherry. It's best chilled and drunk to stave off the heat, and brews cold to avoid adding more heat to the summer, which makes it almost effortless to make. Persoanlly, I think it would we good with the addition of some actual tea (mugi cha is barley tea), but even as is, it's a nice drink, not too bitter. My only problem with it is that the similarity to the taste of coffee makes me want to brew it far too strong, or else sweeten it too much, and neither of these are good ideas. Maybe that's why I want to add the actual tea-- to offset the coffee / chickoryness.

All in all, though, it's good and I have 40 bags, so I'll keep drinking it.
Sunday, June 1st, 2008
12:13 pm
Yamamotoyama Gemai-Cha
a lovely light green tea with a rich nutty taste from the toasted rice. the tea brews fairly quickly in boiling water and doesn't get bitter if you let it sit, only more roasty. naturally on the sweeter side and never needs sugar or honey.
Wednesday, May 7th, 2008
10:34 am
ito en tea apple
first impression: i love this tea.
it tastes like teh freshest, most perfect red delicious or mackintosh apple-- a real, old-time, traditional apple flavor, with just a little acid so it doesn't seem too sweet, and the background tang of the tannins in the tea. it's something like the best applejuice ever, and it's 90% tea. it's amazing. evern better, it's all natural, with no high fructose, not even regular fructose (it's sweetened by natural cane sugar, which in relation to a japanese product makes me think of the fresh blocks of nearly-black sugar we used to get at the cultural museum outside where i lived in okinawa, and it has some of that carmelized appeal, but only very very slightly).
overall: a clean, fresh, real flavor in a category that's usually harsh and full of preservatives. it's worth the almost-2$ it costs at the win-dixie around here.
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